SoftBlue is a company like no other! Our team is made up of people with a unique skillset, complementing each other with knowledge and experience.
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We connect software and hardware enthusiasts who never stop self-developing, which is why we boldly develop, among others, solutions from the Internet of Things (IoT) area. We probably don't need to add that we really know how to play in innovate.
We fulfill ourselves when our projects matter - they are useful in business, socially and environmentally. That's why an important part of our offer is eco solutions supporting actions for environmental protection and improving the quality of life of citizens.

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SoftBlue is a company like no other. #likenoother Our team is made up of people with a unique skillset, complementing each other with knowledge and experience. #masterwork

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Why we are #likenoother?

Why we are #likenoother ?

The strength of #SoftBlueTeam lies in diversity. Our team is made up of people who have diverse skills, knowledge and experience. We are united by ambition and the ability to work as a team, which is why together we create the perfect team for special tasks. If you want to join it, write to us boldly.

Przemek - Software

What I value most about working at SoftBlue is that I do what I like. My tasks here are really diverse, there is no room for boredom. Additionally, I feel that I have a lot of development opportunities and I don’t have to limit myself to one direction. I am happy to share knowledge and experience with the IT support team, which I have been building for some time. This also stimulates me to think about the future – looking for new areas worth developing for the company and my team.

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Tomek - Hardware & Embedded Systems

From the beginning of my adventure with SoftBlue, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of research and development projects. I don’t know many companies that undertake such a wide range of issues in the field of technology and innovation. I am glad to be able to work on a daily basis with a group of friendly and open people who are also excellent specialists in their fields. It’s hard to imagine a better environment for expanding knowledge and qualifications.

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Paulina - Back office

The job interview was one of the longer and more pleasant ones I’ve been to. It wasn’t a list of clichéd questions – I felt that the people I was going to work with really wanted to get to know me. From the beginning, I was trusted and I have an influence on what I do. I get up for work every day with pleasure, and that is very important to me.

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Technologies #likenoother

While implementing unique projects #likenoother, we boldly use the latest technologies. See what tech stack helps us in this.



We only program for good solutions. #masterwork We find ourselves great in various languages, both in the back-end and front-end layer. Every day we support our clients in designing, developing and integrating systems and applications. Together with us, companies undergo cloud transformation and enter a higher level of data analysis (BI). In #SoftBlueTeam you will not be bored or stand still.

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Our work is not only cloud solutions and elusive lines of code. Practical and tangible is also within the reach of your development. #teamversity The hardware team, electronics and embedded programmers ponder every day over feasibility analysis, designing electronic diagrams, creating prototypes and functional testing and verification of compliance. And all this we base on the highest IPC norms and standards.
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Eco solutions

From the combination of knowledge, experience, and the way of thinking of Hardware and Software teams, a unique department was created in our company. In Eco solutions, modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) help us fulfill the mission of business, social, and above all environmental utility. #beamover Get to know our flagship products.


The anti-smog drone for air quality testing is the best friend of many local government units and other institutions monitoring air quality. It allows for the analysis of smoke from the chimney and the detection of smog. This is possible because AirDron is equipped with sensors for testing suspended dust in the air PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 and LZO as well as dangerous gases such as HCL or NH3. The head with a drone and a thermal imaging camera allows rescue and preventive actions to be carried out by services such as the Police, Fire Brigade, or Municipal Guard.
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This solution is sought by local government units and institutions related to environmental protection. Smogobus, as a mobile station for monitoring air pollution with suspended dust, helps to determine where dangerous chemical compounds that make up the phenomenon of so-called “low emission” come from in any location.

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This mysterious abbreviation hides the name of a modern system for monitoring the analysis of media consumption and the operation of machines or installations – Autonomous Data Controller. Thanks to it, it is possible to supervise, diagnose, and optimize the operation of devices, which translates into efficient work and savings for the company … and lower emissions and reducing the carbon footprint!

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Trusted us

Our clients are both institutions and partners
listed among others on the Fortune, S&P 500, and Forbes lists.

Although we cannot publicly talk about some of our most exciting projects due to the confidentiality of NDA agreements, you can be sure that we are experienced and committed partners who always put the needs of our clients first.

global companies
in the portfolio
clients with a cooperation
over 5 years

We also cooperate with partners who are happy to share our common successes. Among them, you will find:



Piotr Duzdowski

Manager / PERN

Our laboratory team has been working smoothly with the development team for several years. An individual approach and professional problem analysis make the software better adapted to the specific needs of our laboratory. We are satisfied with professional service.

Piotr Pawlak

Manager / MONDI

In cooperation, we appreciated the individual approach to our project the most. The company not only takes care of doing its job well but also adds value to the project – in our case, it is a dictionary system that allows the company to adjust the content of each module to the individual needs of users or the supported production plant. We are satisfied with the cooperation and we gladly recommend the company to familiar entrepreneurs.

Marcin Bondyra


The entire cooperation went smoothly and efficiently. We had no inconvenience on the developer’s path. The company understood that our goal is to ensure the highest possible level of security to our target customer and they did their part as effectively as possible. The project team implemented our approach to software development, including high standards and methodologies such as Agile, TDD, SWAL without any problem.


Managing Director / WZL 2

The level of professional knowledge and implementation standards in the team implementing the project for us exceeded our expectations.
The knowledge used in practice and delivery standards were above our expectations. We are grateful to the company for the “good job”. We are also thinking about further cooperation on new projects.

Case studies

See how #SoftBlueTeam is changing the world! Every day, we support companies in business transformation thanks to top-class technological solutions. Get to know the stories of our Clients.