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Why Bydgoszcz?

It is in this city, and based on the potential and knowledge of its residents, that a company #likefewothers was created. We stayed in Bydgoszcz not only because of local patriotism.

The city has excellent infrastructure and facilities conducive to maintaining work-life balance.

Bydgoszcz offers:

#Great location almost in central Poland.

#Hassle-free connection with the largest centers in the country – Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk.

#Ease of access to the most important routes and communication connections – in Bydgoszcz we have:

International airport,
Train and bus stations,
Simple connection with expressways and highways.

#Ideal size – here everything is close, and thanks to efficient public transport, traffic jams are smaller than in big cities.

The previously mentioned work-life balance is not a pipe dream – Bydgoszcz is surrounded by forests, there are many recreational areas conducive to active rest, and within just a few minutes by car, there are lakes with bathing areas.

Bydgoszcz has Myślęcinek – the largest city park in Poland!

It also has well-equipped urban infrastructure – you will find here: theater, opera, philharmonic, cinemas, shopping centers, excellent medical clinics, including a respected Oncology Center.

Shopping centers
Excellent medical clinics, including a respected Oncology Center

Scientific facilities, being a great support for talent development – there are several state universities here, including the Bydgoszcz University of Technology, many private universities.

Bydgoszcz is family-friendly, you will find many good schools, kindergartens, and nurseries, as well as attractions for entire families – zoos, children’s universities, amusement parks.

Reasonable prices – in stores and for housing.

The internet runs faster here than in Warsaw 🙂

Karolina Graś

Recruitment Specialist

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