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SoftBlue S.A. entered the Polish market in 2003. We are an innovative company that focuses mainly on new technologies, research and scientific projects. We design IT systems as well as provide economic and business consulting services. We create products that are serve as improvement for the society.

For us SoftBlue stands for innovation, our motto is: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We started our business from consulting in acquiring and implementing EU funds. We have completed many projects supporting the development of the information society, both for the public and business organizations. The knowledge gained from many years of experience have allowed us to expand our activities to design and manage information systems.

Our greatest success in this field is the development of proprietary software supporting enterprise resource planning (ERP) – which proved to be extremely functional. We can also be proud of the membership of the European Space Agency (ESA). Since 2012, our team has been strengthened by a group of experts, who helped us launch the Research and Development Department, which currently focuses on three areas: biotechnology, teleinformatics and programming. Through the Research and Development Department we raise funds for scientific research and develop business processes and products. We offer complete solutions, fostered by us on every step – from the laboratory phase to the implementation phase. We introduce innovations in the fields of: biotechnology, programming and ICT. We create software tailored to the specialist needs and requirements of clients.

We rely on specialists in the IT industry – developers, architects of solutions, ICT engineers, business analysts and project managers. In 2015 our company made its debut on the NewConnect market by marketing series A and B shares. Thanks to the passion and commitment of the entire team, we strive for continuous development, seeking solutions that can be used for develop new technologies or facilitate the functioning of enterprises or simply be useful in everyday life.

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