About us

SoftBlue SA is an advisory and introductory company in the IT sector and an operator of new technologies. We started our activity in 2003 and since then we have been regulary implementing innovative projects and expanding the scope of our technological competences. We commercialize projects and research which are human nad environmentally friendly. We create and implement the innovations of tomorrow to increase the standard of living of societies and support enterprises in the market of the future.

We are a key supplier of many IT solutions for institutions from the public sector and business, but our strategic goal is to become a leader in a wider field. As an organization with the status of a Research and Development Center we strive to be an incubator of innovation and the main hub of new technologies in Poland.

The company actively takes part in building the value of technological projects. We initiate our own projects – such as AirDron –  which we successfully commercialize. Additionaly, we also search and implement those projects in the early stages of development, which prognosticate ganing a superior rates of return on an investment. SoftBlue offers its scientific project promoters comprehensive and substantive support aimed at project commercialization. An important element of the SoftBlue strategy is increasing the scale of the business as well as the expansion of the developed products and ideas – intangible assets and patents – to foreign markets.

For several years, we have been intensively developing our Research and Development Department which is the basis for innovation ? activities and focuses on the development of broadly understood ICT and IoT. Through the Research and Development Department, we raise funds for scientific research and develop business processes and products. We offer complete solutions, the creation of which we supervise from the laboratory phase to the implementation phase. One of the most important areas of our company’s activity is the design of dedicated IT systems, which are a response to the unique requirements of our clients.

SoftBlue systems support public administration, military, ministries and offices. The company provides economic and business consulting and commercializes scientific projects. We are a pioneer in the field of solutions dedicated to air quality testing. We have created for example the innovative AirDron measuring head system and the mobile Smogobus system so far. All projects are carried out by high-class IT specialists – developers and architects of solution who have engineering knowledge in the field of IT – as well as business analysts and Project Managers who have many years of experience in technical fields, appropriate qualifications and certificates.

SoftBlue SA Group consists of SoftBlue Mobility sp. z o.o., which combines proprietary ICT solutions with photovoltaic methods, Milisystem sp. z o.o. – a technology company supporting the activities of defense services in the field of training – and Inventionmed SA., which operates in the field of medicinethe related to augmented and virtual reality.

Our actions are motivated by two goals – the good of society and support for Polish enterprises. Due to passion and commitment of the entire team, we strive for constant development and look for innovative solutions in the field of new technologies that facilitate the functioning of enterprises and are applicable in everyday life.

SoftBlue SA cooperates with the best global IT companies, offering high-tech applications as well as integration and hardware solutions: Microsoft, Intel, HP, IBM, Cisco, Huawei, DellEMC, VmWare, Fortinet, SonicWall, ExtremeNetworks, Veeam, Wortmann AG, ExeMed, Formlabs, HBOT 3D opensource infrastructure solutions.

Our Clients

As part of the above-mentioned technology, we provide the following services:

  • integration of IT communities,
  • creating backup systems and data archiving,
  • constraction of network infrastructure and administration services,
  • implementation of solutions based on MICROSOFT software,
  • implementation of security systems infrastructure.


  • 2003 Establishment of the SoftBlue company
  • 2004 Obtaining EU funding for clients
  • 2005 First ICT projects for local governments
  • 2006 Intensive IT development
  • 2009 First foreign contracts
  • 2010 Intensification of activities in the southern part of Poland
  • 2011 Creating our own IT solutions
  • 2012 Transformation into a joint stock company
  • 2013 Establishment of the Research and Development Department
  • 2014 Dynamic revenue growth
  • 2015 Debut on the NewConnect market
  • 2016 Obtaining the Status of a Research and Development Center
  • 2017 Establishment of Softblue Mobility sp.z o.o. and Milisystem sp.z o.o.
  • 2018 Intensification of research and development activities as well as innovation ones
  • 2019 Subsidizing the project connected with the construction of the Research and Development Center to optimize the management of water and energy resources
  • 2020 Finalizing key IT contracts for the company and incorporation of Inventionmed SA to the SoftBlue SA group

Scientific cooperation

The company as a Research and Development Center carefully observes and analyzes the reality around it, focusing on solving problems and creating facilities. The development of potential is also strengthened by cooperation with such research centers as:

  • University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz,
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń,
  • Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz,
  • University of Wroclaw,
  • Częstochowa University of Technology (CUT).

SoftBlue SA is also active in business and scientific associations and participates in trade fairs and conferences.

Awards and distinctions

  • Distinction in the “Innovative idea” category for the development of the AirDron solution in the competition of the Ministry of the Environment and the Green Mazowsze Association “Active for clean air”,,
  • Distinction in the competition “Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy 2016” in the category: Micro and Macro Entrepreneur. The competition jury appreciated the consistency in the implementation of development projects that improve the qualifications of the Company,
  • Distinction at the Air-Fair for “special achievements in the field of military and civil aviation and for professional preparation of display stands and comprehensive presentation of the company”, awarded by the President of the Management Board – Chief Executive of Military Aviation Works Leszek Walczak,
  • Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal award in the category – economy, for the implementation of investments and solutions contributing to economic development and increasing the level of innovation and competitiveness of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship thanks to the use of new technologies,
  • ? Distinction in the competition “Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy 2017” in the category: Micro and Small Entrepreneur. The jury appreciated Softblue S.A. for developing the potential of the company and the employed staff basing on modern technologies in the IT sector,
  • A special distinction in the competition “Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy 2017” together with the Military Aviation Works No. 2 in the category: Leaders of Pro-innovative Cooperation. The award was granted in recognition of the special effectiveness of innovative cooperation, which allows the use of regional potential and leads to the design and construction of unmanned aerial vehicles for special purposes,
  • The Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavian – 1st place in the category of the MOST INNOVATIVE MICRO COMPANY IN KUJAWY AND POMERANIA,,
  • Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavian 2017 ? Milisystem sp. z o.o. – 1st place in the SUCCESSFUL START IN BUSINESS category,
  • Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavian 2017? Milisystem sp. z o.o. – 3rd place in the category: MICRO MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES IN POMERANIA AND KUJAWY.

SoftBlue SA makes every effort to provide its customers with products created in accordance with the highest standards. The quality and professionalism of our activities are confirmed by the following certificates