Coordination of municipal waste shipments and managing reports and complaints regarding the service is a specific type of information flow, due to the high number of entities involved in the whole process. The CleanSoft system is an original solution of the SoftBlue SA company, which may be used for integrated handling of communication regarding municipal waste disposal. In its functionality, it has modules for both the Customer Service Office and Dispatchers.


CleanSoftis a database, which provides following advantages:

  • All information in one place at any time,
  • Quick search for entries (e.g., the amount of Big Bags dispensed for a specific property in any period of time)
  • Sharing information
  • Improving the quality of customer service (quick information on the legitimacy of the complaint)
  • Extensive reporting (e.g. obtaining information on how many unjustified complaints had been made in a given month)
  • Optimization in managing employee tasks. If one employee (group of employees) deals with customer service and another manages the work of vehicles – the program will facilitate the exchange of information between them and it will organize incoming reports
  • Data security – all data is stored in a secure database
  • Access through the browser – access to the application from any computer using the internet browser


CleanSoft is a database of information about applications concerning:

  • Missed waste – customer complaints
  • Dispense and collection of Big Bags
  • Exchange, delivery and collection of containers
  • Delivery of sacks
  • Collection of green waste

CleanSoft is a professional tool dedicated to municipal and local government entities.

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