InvestPlan – Investment management software

Invest Plan is an integrated system for project and investment management. Designed to improve organization and coordination of multiple investments in a particular area.The tasks are presented in tabular form, which provides a list of all tasks linked to ongoing investments. Tasks can be freely modified by moving columns. The Gantt chart, and information about tasks on the map significantly facilitates service and reporting.

InvestPlan provides:

  • Central register of various types of investments and works in progress
  • Reduction of road traffic disturbance
  • Improvement of the information flow
  • Optimization of project schedule
  • Permanent on-line access to the application from anywhere
  • Graphical presentation of data on the graphs and maps
  • Notification of changes made to the database
  • Archiving of collected data
  • Reporting and Analysis of costs, parameters and events


InvestPlan is a system for coordinating and managing investments, showing a transparent picture and the status of all ongoing and planned projects in a given area. System contains and displays various types of information:

  • Investments in a given period (e.g. 1 year)
  • Addresses of works (street renovation, track replacement, construction, etc.)
  • Contact details for managers, responsible for given investment
  • Tasks related to a given investment – work schedule, deadlines
  • Other, according to your wishes and needs


  • Three levels of access: administrator, editor and visitor
  • Online access
  • Graphic presentation of data on the city map
  • Grouping of data according to given criteria
  • Statistics and reports (also in pdf)
  • Notification of changes – progress of work, failures
  • ● The possibility of integration with GIS


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