Kluczomat is an EDP (electronic data processing) device designed for safe storage of keys. It is protected by access control and provides management of key distribution to properly authorized people. The system records information about the date and time of picking and returning the key and the user performing the operations.

Features and functions of the device are:

    • Storage of keys in a separated space
    • Individual key tags – key fobs with RFID technology
    • Mechanically locked keyrings
    • Dynamic and automatic recognition of a fob, when key is placed in a socket
    • The possibility of granting rights to one or more keys on specific days of the week or in specific hours as well as temporary access to the key / keys
    • The function of checking the correct return of the key to the correct slot
    • The ability to quickly check (from the administrator level) who is currently in possession of the key
    • Keeping statistics of issuing keys by every key and each user
    • Key storage space secured by a safety glass door, secured with electromagnetic lock
    • Built-in technical condition diagnostic system with the function of sending alarms to the management application or to the built-in display
    • Network interface enabling remote management of permissions, users and device parameters
    • The possibility of instant release of all keys in an emergency situation
    • Maintenance of operation after power failure for a minimum of 48 hours
    • The ability to combine several devices into a network, which can be managed from one administration panel

Variant methods of access authorization:

  • Contactless card or RFID key ring
  • Pin code
  • Contactless card + pin code

The device is equipped with RFID keyrings, which after a permanent connection to the key act as a pendant blocked in the depository. Key rings are individually identified by RFID technology, and the key name and number are displayed on the LCD screen. Authorization of access – opening the door of the depository and the ability to collect/return the key are granted after using the proximity card and/or entering the PIN code on the numeric keypad or touch-screen display. After the user’s authorization, the depository unlocks the door and unlocks the deposit sockets to which the user is entitled.

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