Mobile Railwayman File


Mobile Railwayman File provided by SoftBlue is a simple, easy to install application, intuitive and user-friendly. It is designed for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) operating on the basis of the Android operating system.
Even if there is no access to the Internet, the Mobile Desktop allows access to data (off-line).

Using Mobile Railwayman File gives you following benefits:

  • accelerates the distribution of information between the train services and dispatchers
  • allows users to report problems, faults or updates for the list of railroad alerts
  • notifies users about official and unofficial communication issued by railroad company (that includes distribution of information to entire groups of employees)

The Mobile Timetable is an element of the “Railwayman Folder” system. It’s a solution for train managers and drivers, who may use following features on their tablets:

  • timetable – integration with PLK (download pdf for presentation on the tablet)
  • list of railroad alerts
  • official messages (with confirmation function)
  • unofficial communications
  • vehicle documentation
  • reporting defects
  • work hours records (integration with the HR program)
  • holiday applications (integration with the HR program)

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