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Monitoring of the main electricity meter

Monitoring the main electricity meter provides a broad view not only of the amount of energy consumed, but also of the characteristics of the draw, registered powers and many others. It allows the energy manager to determine how correctly the power is ordered, to continuously control the parameters of the supplied energy, the demand for energy, and to identify the “bottlenecks” of the installation.
In the same way, you can analyze the readings of sub-meters, e.g., transformer stations, more important electrical circuits or receivers.

How to connect to the energy meter?

  • communication link with the billing meter (after agreement with the Operator),
  • communication link with the sub-meter or analyzer (e.g., Modbus),
  • reading of light pulses of the LED on the meter without communication.

Standard presentation dashboards:

current parameters of the connection or transformer station,

  • current active power, reactive power, tgφ,
  • values of voltages, currents on phases and their symmetry,
  • power chart for the last hour.

Analysis of energy consumption of the last day

  • chart of instantaneous power and 15-minute (sliding window) and tgφ,
  • prediction of 15-minute power,
  • threat or power exceeding alarms,
  • alert history in the viewed period.

Analysis of the last month

  • daily energy consumption along with estimated costs,
  • chart of registered powers: average daily, maximum and minimum in a day,
  • 15-min power chart and tgφ.

Energy consumption management and monitoring system

Supervision of the main electricity meter, systems for monitoring energy consumption in the production process.

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