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Supervision of the main gas meter with the power guard function

Monitoring the main gas meter allows for precise control of gas consumption, as well as monitoring the implementation of the contractual power (consumption within 1 hour). The gas consumption characteristic allows to determine how correctly the power is ordered, and also to react appropriately quickly to the threat of its exceedance. In the same way, you can analyze the readings of gas sub-meters, e.g. more important receivers.

Gas Power Guard Function

Upon detecting a threat of exceeding the contractual power, the ADC can send an email notification and change the state of a potential-free contact (relay). The contact can be used for an appropriate response to the threat:

  • turn on a light/sound signal,
  • force the gas boiler to switch off or reduce power until the end of the settlement hour,
  • switch off the ventilation unit until the end of the settlement hour.

How to connect to the gas meter

  • communication link with the gas converter (after agreement with the Operator),
  • communication link with the sub-meter (e.g. Modbus, GasModem),
  • registration and analysis of impulses on the meter without communication.

Standard presentation dashboards of the gas power guard

Current connection parameters

  • instantaneous gas flow,
  • declared ordered power,
  • gas consumption since the beginning of the settlement hour,
  • estimated gas consumption until the end of the settlement hour,
  • minute in the settlement hour,
  • chart of instantaneous gas flow for the last hour.

Gas consumption over the last 30 days

  • daily gas consumption along with conversion to kWh and estimated costs,
  • chart of instantaneous gas flow over the month,
  • chart of hourly gas consumption over the month.

Supervision of the main gas meter with the function of a power guard – SoftBluee

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