RDC Research and
Development Center

Research and Development Center

Research and Development Centre SoftBlue SA was established to support the innovativeness of the Polish economy and the transfer of modern technologies. We are the most important technology hub in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, which successfully conducts research and commercializes its effects. 

Polish economy requires investments in advanced solutions, and our CB + R is a response to too low innovativeness of Polish science and economy in international rankings. We are strengthening our country’s position in these areas through the successive implementation of projects with a high chance of commercialization and directing the expansion to international markets.

In 2016 SoftBlue SA received the status of a Research and Development Centre. In 2019 this status was maintained by the decision of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology No. 10 / CBR / 19. In these years, the Research and Development Centre became an innovation base for new projects, which resulted in establishing of InventionMed and Milisystem companies, which introduce advanced technologies to training systems for medicine and the military. The Research and Development Centre has the right to conduct research and development works in the same way as universities.

The skilful use of expert knowledge to create new products and services transfer to the success of our company and the systematic increase in competitive advantage – our goal is to be the main incubator of unique technological solutions in Poland. Creativity and a pro-business approach are the foundation of our activities, and obtaining the status of a Research and Development Centre is the result of many years of experience, cooperation and learning from the best specialists in their field. Our proprietary solutions are used by both public and private institutions.