COVID-Watch was created to help fight COVID-19 by promoting good hygiene practices.

Microorganisms are easily transmitted through surfaces that are used by many people (e.g. door handles in public places) and can survive on these surfaces for long periods of time.  Doctors confirm that hand contact with the mouth, nose and eyes is the most common way of infection. Therefore, keeping your hands clean is a basic recommendation to reduce the risk of contracting the disease as well as the transmission of germs to others – especially in times of pandemic.

According to specialists, frequent and thorough hand washing for a precise period of time is an effective way to eliminate viruses from the skin. COVID-Watch measures the recommended duration of hand washing and the countdown is activated in a completely safe, non-contact way – just by putting your hand close to the sensor surface.

Installation of the device in public facilities (schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, restaurants, clubs, gas stations, shopping centers and workplaces) may limit the spread of viruses and contribute to the strengthen the rules of preventive health care.