Archiving and digitization / Metadata hubs

The dynamic development of technology has an impact on many areas of our lives. It also offers new opportunities. We are currently observing the ongoing trend of digitization of cultural and scientific goods located in museums, archives and libraries.

More and more public institutions are involved in this process and digitize their resources in order to be able to make them available to a wider audience. These activities, however, require appropriate solutions – tools enabling effective management of the digitized resource (scans) and their description (metadata).

In response to these needs, Softblue SA creates tools and implements projects that combine activities related to the digitization of data, their storage, sharing and description.
As part of our competenceis, we help to introduce uniform standards of digital data management within an institution or company. The effect of the implementation of digitization projects is to protect valuable resources against destruction or loss. We achieve this goal through a unique combination of proprietary application, organizational and hardware solutions.

Basing on its own application solutions and competences in the field of data description and organization, Softblue SA implements projects:

Basing on proprietary application solutions, Softblue has implemented the project


The ADE system is intended for entities that want or have to submit documentation in the form of archival materials to the State Archives in the electronic version. This is an obligation regulated by the Archive Act – it obliges institutions to transfer archival documentation produced electronically to the archival resource.

The teleinformation system provided by us makes it possible to capture, store and share electronic archival materials of various public entities. The effect is the closure of the “life cycle” of electronic documentation created during the implementation of cases in public administration offices.

As a result of building the system, intra-administrative services were created at the 4th level of maturity (full processing of the transfer of archival materials based on the BPM engine), type A2A (Administration-Administration) and B2A (Enterprise-Administration) – consisting in interaction between business entities under surveillance of archival supervision which are obliged to transfer documentation and state archives and ensure proper apprehension of this documentation, in particular:

  • handling the application for the transfer of archival materials to the national archives – along with the acceptance list and other attachments (e.g. consistent itemised file list),
  • obtaining approval of the national archives for the application and attachments – both in terms of form and content,
  • transfer of archival materials to the national archives according to the approved census data – in the form of an archival package or another agreed form (possibility of organizing materials by an employee using a dedicated metadata management tool),
  • obtaining approval in the administrative process of the national archives for the submitted archival materials in terms of form and content.
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For users of archival materials (entrepreneurs, citizens and institutions), the ADE system provides online public services, such as:

  • facilitate  search, order and download of archival materials in electronic form which are transferred to national archives and at the same time have a form of open resources (e.g. containing personal data),
  • enabling search and direct sharing of the content of archival materials in electronic form which are transferred to national archives and at the same time have a form of open resources – including downloading copies of archival material.