LIMS systems

Laboratory Management System is an innovative solution that automates the work of every modern laboratory. It is based on server software and allow to improve every day organization of work.

Key LIMS features include:

  • workflow support,
  • data tracking,
  • flexible architecture,
  • idata exchange interfaces that fully support use in regulated areas (standards, laws),
  • advanced recordkeeping and samples tracking,
  • automatic scheduling of tests,
  • reporting directly from the system.

All these points make the LIMS system easy to use, address the key needs for improving the work of the laboratory and most importantly – it allows you to save time and avoid unnecessary errors. The possibility of integration with laboratory equipment from different manufacturers makes the original LMS system by Softblue perfectly suited to the existing laboratory environment, on the basis of evolution, not revolution. Thanks to the modular structure, customization can proceed at the pace desired by the customer and in the previously planned areas.

In 2019, the Laboratory of Environmental Protection at PERN S.A. began preparations for the certification of the quality of its tests by the PCA. The implementation of an IT system that, on the one hand, would meet the restrictive requirements of standards, and, on the other hand, would not disturb the already existing and well-established processes, turned out to be a more organizational than technological challenge.

The implementation began with an automated sample register and scheduling of its testing. The specific nature of the work of this laboratory meant that the work on adjusting the mechanisms of building the schedule was carried out in accordance with the SCRUM principles, in several iterations of cyclically delivered software for testing.

The implementation of the new tools was organized on the basis of a smooth transition from paper documentation to system management of samples, tests, reports and numbering of all objects. Electronic and paper registers were conducted at once for a short period of time. A turning point for the laboratory’s work was the PCA audit, after which the laboratory decided to fully switch to the electronic system. Due to the characteristic cyclicity of the research, the initial phase required close cooperation between the Client’s team and Softblue S.A. in order to facilitate the accumulation of documents in new electronic service processes. As the line of documents waiting for accomplishment and the new system of operating were established in the organization, lab staff began to see opportunities to further improvements in every day processes . This resulted in additional works, which, along with ongoing orders, were completed on time and brought the assumed results.