Medical systems

Medical systems designed by SoftBlue SA  facilitate the management and functioning of healthcare units.  Those tools are the result of a long-lasting cooperation with medical and administrative staff that provide the most relevant comments and ideas. Our system is constantly undergoing further development in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers. The task of the systems is to simplify and accelerate the work of the facility, and thus to improve the efficiency of its operation.

SoftBlue SA provides system solutions i.e.:

  • HIMS – hospital information system – is used to manage the medical, administrative, financial and legal aspects of the hospital,
  • RIMS – radiological information system – focuses on procedures performed in the areas of imaging diagnostics – supports registration and orders, and also works with the PACS system,
  • PIMS – pharmaceutical information system – supports the work of a hospital pharmacy by facilitating drug management, recording the planning and implementation of drug treatments,
  • LIMS – laboratory information system ? supports: carring out tests and their verification, interpretation and sharing the results with the commissioning entity.

As part of the project, the Integrated IT System for the Independent Public Healthcare Center in Sulejówek was implemented, covering 2 locations – two medical centres

The entire project was completed in a very short period of 8 weeks. At that time, all the data were migrated from the two existing IT systems to one coherent system.

As part of the project, we implemented the following modules:

  • Medical Centre – registration, POZ declarations,
  • Medical Centre – statistics / settlements with payers,
  • Medical Centre ? doctor’s surgery,
  • Medical Centre  – treatment room,
  • Medical Centre  – ophthalmologist’s office,
  • Medical Centre – occupational medicine office,
  • Medical Centre  – dentist,
  • Medical Centre   – diagnostic laboratory,
  • Medical Centre  – blood collection facility,
  • Medical Centre   – doctor’s commission,
  • Medical Centre  – sale of medical services,
  • Medical Centre  – rehabilitation – treatment planning,
  • Medical Centre   – rehabilitation – rehabilitation studio,
  • Archive of digitally signed medical records,
  • Electronic medical records – electronic signature and certificates,
  • Furtherance of settlements of AOS and JGP contracts,
  • Clinic – surveys, management of security documentation,
  • Drug database – drug payments,
  • Roentgenological Laboratory RIS,
  • PACS servers.

E-services available to the patient have been carried out and implemented under the above modules:

  • E-registration,
  • E-communication – telemedicine,
  • E-prescription,
  • E-documentation,
  • E-contractor,
  • E-laboratory,
  • E-schedule of visits,
  • E-backup,
  • Information portal for the medical centre.