Software house

Programming custom-made solutions is an important branch of Softblue SA’s offer. Our team of experienced programmers, supported by business and system analysts as well as architects, is able to provide “tailor-made” software that is always adjusted to the individual needs and satisfies the most demanding customers.

Our key advantage is the comprehensiveness, that we are able to offer to clients. From start to finish, we conduct the project in close cooperation with the client – from engineering requirements, through the construction of a prototype and implementation of the solution in a specific programming language. The dominant platform is Microsoft .NET as the application engine, combined with modern UX frontend frameworks such as Angular, czy React. However, technology is treated as a secondary issue, therefore many implementations have been successfully performed in JAVA, PHYTON. The most important thing is proper analysis and preparation for the development phase.

A very important element contributing to the quality of the produced software is also the test department, which, equipped with modern automation tools, is able to quickly detect and document problems – both at the level of the source code and the functionality expected by the customer.  A professional team, a wide range of activities and modern tools allow us to successfully implement every unusual and complex projects.

In 2018 Municipal Transport Facilities in Bydgoszcz decided to modernize the approach to its management and optimize the work schedules of city traffic handle. The delivered system was based on road cards, which facilitate the analysis of the amount of refueled fuel, heating and unfinished trips in case of trams and buses. Thanks to the use of flexible schedules for individual lines, it is possible to adjust work plans and the use of fuel standards to reflect real consumption.

A very important element of the system is the reporting subsystem, due to which Municipal Transport Facilities is able to make rational decisions based on empirical data. A flexible reporting system based on existing databases is the basis for effective management of the company’s resources and a source of significant savings.