R&D outsourcing

Our offer of R & D services includes:

  • Software– developing original projects and adapting existing technologies for practical applications. We cooperate with high-class specialists in the IT industry – developers, ICT engineers, business analysts and project managers. Our knowledge and experience gained over the years allow us to create tailor-made software – made to meet expectations of our clients.
  • Teleinformatics/Electronics – practical applications of ICT solutions for projects such as: transport, unmanned aerial vehicles, consumer electronics, communication systems, medicine. In our projects, we focus on the benefits and practical applications of ICT solutions.
  • Biotechnology and biochemistry – development of biotechnological processes
    for the efficient production of chemicals.
    We offer:
  • renewable raw materials usage
  • use of microorganisms and bacterial strains for production purposes, including production of bioplastic, bio-solvents or biosurfactants
  • selection of renewable growth substrates for microorganisms of industrial interest
  • improving the production efficiency of the obtained strains by using genetic engineering techniques

In addition, we also offer cooperation in the following areas:

  • Mechanics/Mechatronics
  • Geology
  • Agriculture

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