RentLab– is an interdisciplinary research and service laboratory. We focus on non-standard projects – design and construction of prototypes and low-volume production. Modern equipment covers a wide range of technologies in the field of mechanical processing:

  • milling (also CNC),
  • laser cutting and engraving,
  • 3D printing.

The laboratory enables comprehensive development of electronic projects including:

  • blueprints,
  • construction,
  • tests,
  • single item and small lot production.

The electronic laboratory has been properly protected against Electro-Static Discarge in a separated Electro-Static Protection Area. We provide thorough testing and examining of devices we built. In the lab there is a walk-in climatic chamber with a volume of 20 m3, enabling simulation of a wide range of environmental conditions.

We provide stationary and mobile thermographic and telecommunications services including electromagnetic radiation spectrum analysis, which can help detect sources of interference or harmful radiation. Another example is network analysis for optimal placement of transmitters and receivers.

We also provide services of physicochemical analysis of air and water samples for pollution.

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