Complete / comprehensive service systems for healthcare organizations:

  • Admission – module supports the management of registration and further redirecting the patients,
  • Hospital ward – module provides functionalities related to patient hospitalization. It allows the user to keep electronic medical records, review previous test results, view records of ordered referrals, as well as patient insurance documents.
  • Clinic – comprehensive set of tools that supports health services in clinics. It can optimize the process of recording and keeping patients’ medical history (visits, diagnoses, treatments etc.).
  • Drug cabinet – program for supply management in hospital wards. It allows to keep record of available and dispensed medication, bandage and other items, required for patient care.
  • Diagnostic imaging – software designed for keeping patient’s e-records. It can also support diagnosis and treatment management. This module is can be easily integrated with medical devices and PACS servers
  • Analysis – module in a basic tool for keeping electronic records of laboratory work also offers a number of functionalities facilitating and accelerating daily activities
  • Blood bank – module designed to register and process blood supply records, as well as monitor the whole blood management process from donation to the transfusion. It also has a number of functionalities supporting and facilitating decision-making processes.
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Pharmacy – module for efficient management of hospital pharmacy work by facilitating the record keeping financial record as well as production records and cooperation with contractors.
  • Clinical nutrition – module designed for hospital clinical nutrition laboratories, it supports the production, purchase and the distribution of nutritional preperates for patients in the facility.
  • Supplying – module is a must-have for every stockroom that requires efficient and quick overview of the assortment. The module also provides many analytical functionalities and is able to generate detailed reports.
  • BI Statistics – module designed for managers and administration employees in the healthcare organization. It provides access to all necessary information and reports supporting decision-making process.
  • Public healthcare (NFZ) billing services – module supporting public health funds accounting; Settling accounts modules are included, among others, in modules such as the Hospital ward, Clinic, Admission and others. It allows for efficient and standardized management of benefits.
  • Medical consultations – module that helps consulting patients in a different facility. It helps both doctors and patients save time and effort.
  • Registration – – a solution for all healthcare facilities, allowing patients to register quickly and conveniently on-line.
  • e-Results – quick and convenient access to lab tests results, with option of saving and printing them.
  • Endoscopy – software designed to capture images from endoscopic cameras. It works with PACS servers by operating on the DICOM data exchange and storage standard.

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