SoftRISK – Risk management software

Risk management should be an integral part of good business practice of a modern organization. Choosing the right risk management software is an immanent part of the path to success. This applies in particular to public sector entities and banks, which are obliged by law to have appropriate procedures to prevent the occurrence of a crisis situation.
Our solution – SoftRISK – allows you to effectively prevent crisis situations. Our risk management software helps to categorize and properly identify risk, assess its impact on the organization’s goals, make optimal decisions and take actions. It was developed for public sector entities as well as for private institutions and companies.

SoftRISK describes and helps to manage:

  • Processes
  • Programs and Projects
  • Staff / employees
  • Relationship

The SoftRISK risk management system is based on the British risk management M_o_R® (Management of Risk), the ISO 31000 system and takes into account the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) recommendations for risk areas in the field of information technology and ICT environment security. SoftRISK is able to integrate with IT systems operating in the organization.


  • Statistics and reports
  • Planning work for individual positions
  • Integration with existing programs and systems
  • Categorization of risk occurring in the organization
  • Choice of risk assessment method: qualitative or quantitative
  • Graphic visualization of the risk matrix

The advantages of using a risk management system:

  • Prevention of unforeseen events and shorter crisis response time
  • Setting priorities – the importance of events and organization projects
  • Control over management functions – correctness of performed tasks, optimal use of resources, support of the communication process
  • Facilitating the implementation of goals – support in the implementation of planned changes
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of activities


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