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  • AirDron – a mobile system for air quality assessment, smog detection.
  • Air quality measurement in  cities and municipalities.
  • Monitoring and analysis of suspended particulate matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10.
  • Real-time chimney smoke testing ,analysis of smoke samples.
  • Anti-smog drone for preventive actions, effective fight against smog.
  • Technical support, training, and information related to the financing
  • Durable construction – robust materials for excellent quality
  • EMC compatibility – the ability to operate without interference in a given electromagnetic environment.
  • Laboratory quality of measurements – individually calibrated sensors and quality control at R&D SoftBLue Laboratory
  • Service and training – we provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as drone and probe head training

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AirDron – drone air quality measurements

AirDron is an innovative Polish product designed to facilitate measuring the level of air pollution. The revolutionary AirDron measuring head facilitate the analysis of the air composition and access to the furnaces without the need for direct inspection.

Anti-smog measurement system AirDron

The result of the SoftBlue team’s work is a highly specialized device that can be integrated with an unmanned multi-rotor vessel or can be operated autonomously. Weight of the head – up from 1200g – enables versatile mounting options. Discover the full potential of the AirDron head, which works with platforms such as the DJI Matrice series

The pioneering exhaust fumes testing system provides and updates real-time data which checks the type of fuel or materials burnt. Thanks to AirDron, you can conveniently, quickly and accurately assess the situation, and most importantly ? in a safe way. You and your employees can stay aloof from the potentially dangerous gaseous pollutants.

According to conducted CATI research, awareness of control using modern technologies will reduce the use of waste as fuel for household furnaces by 40%.

Reliable quality and safety

The solutions used in the AirDron head make it always prepared to action. The automatic sensor wear detection system will notify you in advance about the need to recalibrate the settings or replace it. Due to it, you can be sure that the planned measurements is performed as planned.

We know how important the security of your data is, which is why we have additionally equipped the AirDron head with a double recording system – on a MicroSD card and in a dedicated application. It is also possible to run parallel data recording in the cloud.

Full control and access to data

The solution designed by SoftBlue includes a compact ground station that is connected wirelessly to the AirDron head. In this way, with the use of dedicated software, you gain convenient and fast real-time insight into the data collected by the measuring equipment. Visualize the measurement results on an ongoing basis, set alarm thresholds and save the measurements you are interested in using the operator panel.

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Smog Inspection Drone

Drone-based smog inspection is gaining popularity due to its precision and convenience in measurements. AirDron allows reaching inaccessible areas such as chimneys and provides reliable data in a safe manner for measurement operators. Another significant advantage of this solution is the access to real-time analyzed data from mobile devices. AirDron is an investment that enables you to take care of air quality and public health as well as increase the efficiency of the Municipal Police patrols. The standard in-person verification of a household furnace takes between 15 to 30 minutes and involves a series of tedious formal procedures. The smog inspection drone significantly improves the effectiveness of interventions by providing precise analysis indicating the burning of toxic waste.

Anti-smog drone – Price

The purchase of an anti-smog drone with a measurement head is a significant investment. The final price is influenced by various factors, including the intended use of the drone, the configuration of the probe head and value of additional accessories. When considering the purchase of a drone, it is important to determine the specific objectives for which it will be utilized. Drones offer numerous possibilities – apart from monitoring air quality, they can be used for detecting gas leaks, conducting thermal inspections or for monitoring and recording activities of the police or municipal authorities. With this information, we can create a setup with suitable parameters and capabilities.

SoftBlue combines a scientific and business approach, which is why the result of our R&D Center work is a high-quality measurement head at an attractive price in relation to the reliability of the measurements performed. To learn more about the prices of specific configurations, please contact our Technical Advisor.

What are the benefits of smog inspection ?

  • Strong preventive effect: Individuals who are aware that they are breaking the law by burning prohibited waste or substances will think twice knowing that a drone could be nearby,
  • Community involvement: Local communities willingly report nuisance caused by pollution to the Municipal Patrol, requesting drone-based chimney smoke inspection to assess the situation,
  • Increased public awareness: An invaluable outcome of smog measurements using drones is the rise of public awareness. Some people, only after such testing and a conversation with Ekopatrol find out they have been using poor quality fuel and what consequences this has for the health and lives of people.

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AirDron air quality measuring probe head

AirDron is an unaided laboratory for air pollution analysis (PM1, PM2, PM10)that has many applications. Thanks to the use of a drone, you have the option of making detailed measurements in places that are difficult to reach using conventional methods. The obtained results are presented directly on the ground station screen.

By using AirDron you get:

  • access to area air quality monitoring in two aspects – particulate matter and gases,
  • access to precise measurement of environmental conditions,
  • access to record measurement results in the cloud / on memory cards, with the possibility of further processing,
  • HD image transmission with the OSD function displaying the measurement results directly on the screen of the ground control station (including GPS position, time, particulate matter and gas measurement results),
  • possibility to work on power supply from BSP batteries or from an external source.

The solution also includes:

  • results recorder with a GPS position marker that allows you to create air pollution maps,
  • replaceable dust filter protecting the measuring system against pollution,
  • dedicated software for NSK with the function of visualizing maps and charts,
  • universal expansion port, allowing the attachment of additional functional modules (including wind measurement module, OSD, radiation measurement),
  • software, sensor calibration certificate and user manual in Polish.

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Specification for public procurement

Sample head configuration:

  • own battery power supply, or power supply from the drone’s battery
  • wireless connectivity in the ISM band: 433 MHz, 868 MHz or wired,
  • measurement of suspended particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, PM10,
  • measurement of the concentration of 5 selected gases,
  • measurement of the concentration of volatile organic compounds or flammable gases,
  • temperature, pressure and humidity measurement
  • results recorder with a GPS position marker that allows you to create air pollution maps,
  • simple and clear interface with independent interpretation of the results in the form of colored icons,
  • dedicated software for NSK with the function of visualizing maps and charts.
  • head dimensions 200x156x60 mm,
  • head weight up from 1200g depending on the version,
  • powered by a Li-lon battery, about 6 hours of work on the battery.

Sample configuration of sensors:

  • volatile Organic Compounds (VOC),
  • hydrogen chlorine sensor,
  • hydrogen cyanide sensor,
  • formaldehyde sensor,
  • ammonia sensor,
  • sulfur dioxide sensor,
  • optical particle counter: PM1, PM2,5, PM10.

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The SoftBlue team consists of the best specialists in their field, which is why we have been successfully operating on the market for 17 years. Due to the growing problem of air pollution, we effectively support the activities of an increasing number of local government units in pro-environmental activities.

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Do you care about ecology and smog pollution?

AirDron is an innovative solution designed for remote monitoring of air pollution caused by suspended particulate matter.

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Smog detection

Poor air quality is not only caused by low emissions in large cities and industrial areas; small towns also contribute significantly to it. The main source of smog in our country is old domestic stoves and burning of prohibited fuels. Programs like Clean Air and Stop Smog are gradually changing this situation, but it is still not enough.

The use of an anti-smog drone enables effective access to hard-to-reach smoke plumes from chimneys and allows for quick and reliable analysis of the air composition regarding the presence of harmful substances.

The measurement of suspended particulate matter concentration is carried out using the method of optical scattering laser photometry. Particles are classified based on their size into 16 or 24 intervals, allowing for precise estimation of PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 fractions. Hazardous gas sensors are selected individually, considering the measured substances and measurement ranges

Other methods of smog measurement include the installation of special measurement stations (conducted by the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection), stationary sensors and the use of mobile diagnostic stations such as the Smogobus. Stations and sensors installed at fixed points provide information about the overall air quality in a specific area such as a district. On the other hand, an anti-smog drone enables the detection of specific emission sources (identifying substances present in the gas stream and determining the level of exceedance of standards).

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