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Smogobus – Your mobile diagnostic station

Smogobus is an innovative solution designed for remote monitoring of air pollution with particulate matter.

This pioneering, mobile system created by SoftBlue SA provides current indicator measurement of the level of air pollution with PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 suspended particulate matter. It is also possible to take air samples for further laboratory analysis.

Smogobus – monitoring of air pollution with PM1, PM2.5 oraz PM10 particulate matters

Research conducted in various locations with the use of Smogobus provides reliable information in real time whether there is a problem with too high concentration of suspended particulate in a given area.

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Preventive actions with Smogobus

Smogobus not only measures the degree of air pollution, but also has a preventive function. Our CATI research shows that the mere awareness of the existence of control using modern technologies can reduce the use of waste such as fuel for household stoves by 40%.

It is an ideal solution that contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and prevents a large percentage of citizens from throwing things that are not appropriate for burning in furnances.

Reliability of air measurements

Deciding to use Smogobus for measurements, you get guarantee that you will receive reliable data. High quality and reliability of measurements results from, among others, the use of a precise particle counter compliant with ISO 21501-04.

The real-time measurement is based on the laser scattering method, which is an indicative method for the manual reference method in accordance with PN-EN 12341: 2014-07.

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Air pollution is a serious problem that seems to an important issue not only for environmentalists. Smog – despite stricter emission standards and pro-ecological initiatives – is ubiquitous and the level of pollution increases every year. Particularly dangerous is particulate matter from low emissions /PM2.5 and PM10. Poland, in this respect, takes third place among the fifteen most polluted countries. PM2.5, due to their small size, permeate the masks – therefore there is no effective way to protect against them.

Polluted air, which we inhale every day, threatens human life and health – smog contributes to premature death and the occurrence of many diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Evidence points its negative effects on fertility, pregnancy, and increased frequency of type 2 diabetes, inflammation and even Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Besides the deterioration of human health and climate change, air pollution can lead to accelerated destruction of monuments and other cultural assets.

Atmospheric air monitoring allows to assess air quality and check what we actually breathe in. Analysis of the composition of low emissions with the use of professional equipment, i.e. AirDron and Smogobus, allow to determine the degree of air pollution and take specific preventive measures.

Smogobus – air quality monitoring system

We care about the condition of the environment, which is why we offer solutions available to the wides range of customers. Depending on your needs, you can order a mobile air pollution monitoring service or buy a complete solution. As part of the purchasing process, our specialists come by Smogobus to the indicated place and professionally make the necessary measurements.
To meet the expectations of institutions connected with the environmental protection and local government units, which need to perform measurements frequently, we have prepared a comprehensive product for independent air quality testing. SoftBlue provides substantive training as well as professional help and advice


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The SoftBlue team consists of the best specialists in their field, which is why we have been successfully operating on the market for 17 years. Due to the growing problem of air pollution, we effectively support the activities of an increasing number of local government units in pro-environmental activities.

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Are you considering purchasing an anti-smog drone? Together, we can analyze the intended use and properly select sensors and configure the specialized set for the task.

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