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Autonomous Data Controler

Production and energy management system

Improving the parameters and efficiency of devices is the basic goal of industrial plants and municipal enterprises – due to this, it is possible to optimize costs and rationally manage the company’s resources – material, equipment and human capital.

SoftBlue SA has designed an innovative solution that will help increase efficiency in all these areas. It is based on a technologically advanced ADC (Autonomous Data Controller) recorder.

The device records and analyzes data from devices belonging to one machine, installation or switching station. It is completely autonomous – it does not require connection to the server as well as installation of databases or purchase of subscription cloud services. The ADC recorder works in a comprehensive manner and enables the acquisition, archiving and data processing as well as the presentation of analysis results.

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Device for monitoring machine performance – application of ADC

The purpose of using the device is to obtain detailed knowledge about the operation of a production machine or ducting and to support the inference process (supervision, diagnostics, optimization).

The source of data can be:

  • measuring devices such as meters of energy, heat, compressed air, gas, etc.,
  • binary signals, e.g. machine status (work, failure), signal about the part production,
  • information from additional devices such as: Beacon reader (recognizing the operator near the machine), RFID card reader, barcode reader (product code), etc.

Media consumption monitoring – advantages of the ADC recorder

The key advantage of our system is the engineering know-how embedded in the device. By choosing the ADC recorder, you can stop worrying about staffing shortages in the team handling such solutions.

Configuration of the ADC is extremely simple and intuitive. You can use predefined templates and quickly and conveniently select the parameters that interest you, without the need for advanced engineering knowledge. The production and energy management system utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, ensuring the reliability of the delivered data. The application of artificial intelligence mechanisms allows for real-time adjustment of analyses to changing operating conditions, advanced anomaly detection and processing of large amounts of data with a focus on the most relevant information. A dedicated server application is developed for recorders, which will gather information from all recorders used within a single company. This application enables data aggregation, replication and advanced cross-sectional analyses at the server level.

Simplicity of implementation and use

One of the basic assumptions is the maximum simplification of the ADC configuration and implementation process. The user will be able to use predefined configurations – both typical measuring devices and typical data analysis functions, e.g. power profile determination, anomaly detection, etc.

The implementation process consists of a few simple steps:

  • mounting the ADC on a DIN35 rail,
  • connection of monitored devices or signals,
  • simple configuration of data acquisition through the ADC recorder website,
  • selection of predefined analytical dashboards (or creating your own).

The user can observe the operation of the machine or installation on dashboards presenting the results of data analysis. In a situation requiring notification, an e-mail will be sent to the defined addresses.

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Not only media monitoring

By linking data on media consumption, production and machine operator, cross-sectional analyzes are possible, for example: production efficiency for the operator or shift, machine failure depending on the operator or component, downtime, energy losses between real production periods and many others.


  • source data available for higher-level systems,
  • processed data available for higher-level systems,
  • data visualization in the form of dashboards (charts, indicators, tables) available via the Web-server (website),
  • activation of two binary outputs in accordance with the introduced configuration.

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Sample analytical dashboards:

  • power guard for main electricity meter ,
  • power guard for main gas meter,
  • summing up energy consumption for a shift, product batch, retail,
  • comparison of production efficiency for different operators,
  • determining the actual machine uptime on the basis of energy consumption,
  • determination of OEE indicators (Overall Equipment Effectiveness),
  • detection of anomalies in the parameters of the production process.

The ADC recorder is a user-friendly solution that provides valuable information for facilitating conscious management of production and resource consumption. Integrating the ADC with other optimization systems implemented in businesses allows for maximizing operational performance and key parameters such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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