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System of monitoring and analysis of water consumption

System of monitoring and analysis of water consumption

Softblue SA conducts research and development works on the remote monitoring system of water meters. It is an innovative combination of IoT solutions and advanced data analytics using AI algorithms. It will significantly reduce the level of leakage from the network, optimize the use of valuable clean water resources and reduce distribution costs.

Unfavorable climate change is already causing water deficit and increasing droughts. The problem is noticeable both on a global scale and at the national level – in response to them, government programs were launched to support projects that optimize the management of clean water resources. One of such activities is the implementation of the water system registration and analysis tool.

SoftBlue SA undertook a task to create a unique system that will allow the improvements in management and operation of the water network to. The purpose of this project is to provide water companies with a modern solution that enables:

  • obtaining precise data on water flows in all or part of the water supply network (data synchronized in time, dense readings),
  • delivery of consumption data to the billing system,
  • detection of existing and new leaks taking into account flows and pressures,
  • detection of wrongly selected water meters,
  • detection of damaged water meters (e.g. increased start-up threshold),
  • detection of network bottlenecks (pressure drops at higher flows),
  • determining the characteristics of water partitions (e.g. unevenness coefficients) for classified groups of recipients or even types of receiving fittings (dishwasher, sink, toilet),
  • providing customers with new services, i.e. detection of leaks in the internal installation, information about unsealing of the installation, presentation of the water consumption profile.

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System construction

The entire system will consist of two basic elements: a water meter overlay and server software.

The water meter overlay is designed in such a way as to have unique features, such as:

  • compatibility with most of the water meters available on the market,
  • local recording of detailed consumption data,
  • data analysis already in the overlay,
  • autonomous anomaly detection using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The server software works in the client-server structure. Historical analyzes for individual water meters as well as cross-sectional, comparative, optimization and predictive analyzes take place here.

The system will have an intuitive control panel dedicated to the water utility services.

The system configuration and all functionalities important from the water supplier’s point of view will also be available here
For end users, however, a separate website is planned with the presentation of consumption data and alarm configuration.

Take water network management and operation to the next level!

Contact us to learn about the detailed operating principles of the SoftBlue solution.

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The main benefits of implementing a water partition monitoring and analysis system for a water supply company are:

  • detection of water leaks with an indication of the area of occurrence – reducing the costs of lost water,
  • detection of unsettled water (incorrectly selected or damaged water meters, unmetered loads),
  • reduction of water distribution costs (data for controlling pumping stations),
  • tools supporting the design of water systems based on real data and partition models,
  • ready-made tools for introducing new types of tariffs (time-based, progressive),
  • building the image of the water supply company as a socially and ecologically responsible enterprise.

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The key benefits for the end user include:

  • more stable water pressure,
  • ongoing control of water consumption and preview of the consumption profile,
  • informing about possible leaks in the receiving installation (solid leak, broken pipe),
    support in changing habits leading to rationalization of water consumption.

Thanks to the remote water meter monitoring system, the environmental situation improves in the following areas:

  • significant reduction of clean water losses (quick leak detection, determination of the leakage area),
  • reducing electricity consumption for water treatment and distribution,
  • building awareness of recipients about the use of clean water,
  • promoting the rational use of clean water.

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